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Better investing and advice

Whether you need advice with your UK pension, 401K or general investing we’re here to help you.

We tailor to the needs of investors and the expatriate community and provide the highest standards of fiduciary advice.

Brighter is better...

Get the most out of your UK pension and investments

We aim to assist you in achieving a better financial future by always acting in your best interests. That means cutting out the middlemen, high charges and being completely transparent.

We’ll only recommend you switch to us if we believe it’s the right thing for you.

Transparency and acting in your best interests

Our approach is simply to provide you with the best investment outcomes possible. We’ll provide you with high quality investing and tell you exactly what everything costs up front – providing you with a clear fee structure.

A low cost, modern investment approach

Controlling cost is key to building your pension pot and retirement wealth. Standard investments with the lowest costs perform the best over time as more of your money is invested year after year – giving you the right foundation to help boost growth.

Brite uses a modern investment platform that keeps costs low, so you keep more of your money and, as a result – a more comfortable retirement.

Retirement planning built around you

We focus on security, growth and investment solutions tailored to your needs.

We’ll build you a diversified portfolio that aims to maximise your returns while remaining in line with your personal risk tolerance.

Optimised Investing

We put our tech advanced investment platform and experienced team of asset managers to work for you, with rebalancing tools and strategies that help grow your investments.

Get started with a free financial review

Want to be sure your retirement plans are the best for you? Together we can review your existing plan and how your portfolio is performing.

Tell us about you, your circumstances and objectives and we’ll create a plan that aims to increase your returns and provides you with a retirement cash forecast.