Eli Zimmer

Manager of Finance & Operations

Eli Zimmer

Senior Investment Advisor

Eli is the Manager of Finance and Operations here at Brite USA, using his 6+ years of experience to manage the operating budget of the firm whilst providing support and analysis to advisors to strengthen relationships with clients. Eli graduated from Touro College in New York with a degree in Management and Business Administration.

Eli first joined the team to gain finance skills, knowledge and expertise whilst being exposed to an international-facing business. He’s passionate about helping Brite USA to navigate and grow in a niche landscape.

During his spare time, you can find Eli searching for and analyzing real estate and investment opportunities. He’s also an avid snowboarder and loves to hit the slopes during ski season.

Eli has the following Registrations & Designations:
  • MBA from Touro College in New York


  • 6+ Years Experience
  • MBA Degree
  • Avid Snowboarder

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