SIPP – self invested
Personal pension

Most SIPPs are only offered to UK residents, however, SIPPs can also be used by non-UK residents.
They are used for pension transfers where QROPS are not appropriate or necessary. They allow for different currencies and are more suitable for people retiring abroad.
They offer a wider product range, more control over where your pension money is invested and are often viewed more globally.
If you live abroad SIPPs are subject to the same tax relief rules as UK residents – where income must be declared to the HMRC. In addition, the trustees must report member payments. Like most personal pensions income can be drawn from the age of 55.
Other personal pension schemes and many occupational schemes can be transferred into a SIPP and cash contributions can also be made. There are limits on tax relief for the first 5 years of non UK residence if you are an expat, and the lifetime allowance limit (LTA) also applies which is up to 55% tax on funds over £1.0731 million.
If you live in a country without a double taxation agreement with the UK, income is subject to UK tax. It’s possible to reclaim an element of this, but it could also mean you are taxed in your country of residence.
SIPPS are always exposed to LTA limits in terms of tax liability both with the initial amount and future growth.
SIPP funds can usually be passed to beneficiaries free from inheritance tax – if the amount is under the LTA limit and death occurs before 75.
Set up costs and fees are generally lower than overseas pension schemes but the tax free lump sum allowance is limited to 25% per annum. SIPPS are flexible, too allowing full access to funds at 55.
SIPPs are an ideal way of consolidating several personal pensions that individuals accumulate during their working life. Consolidation reduces administrative complications further down the line. This is true whether you live in the UK or not, although probably more important to expats.

What's the best pension scheme for you?

Getting a pension review and a fresh valuation is the best way to understand what is the best pension scheme for you and what it could be worth both now and in the future.


We build a pension solution to suit you and are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial and retirement goals. We help you take control of your money.


We collect all the required information on you and your pension and get an understanding of your retirement objectives. After this assessment we talk to you about your options. The review service is free of charge.


If you determine that a transfer is appropriate we will make all the arrangements necessary for the transfer. Our fees are paid within the transfer arrangement so there is no need for you to send us any payment.

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